Abu Dhabi

Stem Cells Center

Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC) is an Abu Dhabi-based specialist healthcare center focused on cell therapy and regenerative medicine techniques, as well as delivering cutting-edge research on stem cells in the region.

The Center was founded in March 2019 to meet growing domestic and regional demand for highly specialized medical services and treatments. Equipped with the latest technologies, medical devices which are unique to the region, and a team of internationally recognized doctors working hand in hand with researchers, ADSCC is the first of its kind in the UAE.

Our specialties include immunology, hematology, clinical stem cell therapy, molecular biology, immunotherapy, orthopedics, and urology – amongst others.

The Center focuses primarily on harvesting, processing, characterizing and storing cell products for clinical application in both regenerative medicine and hematopoietic transplantation. It aims to streamline and develop new processes related to stem cell therapy and research, in order to both serve our team of doctors’ clinical needs and become a referral center for the region.